Top 5 Best Beaches in America

The US is honored with an assorted shoreline that stretches across various districts. The best beaches in America offer a wide exhibit of staggering sea shores. From the brilliant shores of the East Coast to the unblemished stretches of the West Coast and the tropical heaven of the Inlet of Mexico, American sea shores take special care of each and every ocean side darling’s taste.

In this article, we will investigate the five best seashores in America, each with its exceptional appeal and magnificence.

  1. South Beach, Miami, Florida

Millions of people visit this beach every year. This place has a different vibe. Once a person comes to this place, they forget all their problems, live in the present moment, and enjoy it fully. There are tons of things people can do in Miami Beach; some of them are :

  • Visit nightclubs: Miami has many clubs that offer great facilities and environments. If you are coming to this beach, you can’t miss exploring these clubs. We are 100% sure your experience will be worth it
  • Explore the beach: Miami Beach has something to offer for every age group. If you are a foodie, there are numerous food stalls and restaurants you can give a try, as food on the beach is very tasty.
  • Meet people: from different cultures as individuals from all around the globe visit this beach, so you get to experience many new things. You can play volleyball or badminton with them. There are things like a jet ski or bicycle tour you can do on the beach.

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  1. Santa Monica Beach, California

The list of the best beaches in America would be incomplete if we did not mention California-based Santa Monica Beach. You get to experience stunning views from the beach, and it has a positive and happening environment. Once people experience Santa Monica Beach, they don’t like any other beach on the globe.

Things to do at Santa Monica Beach:

  • Bike Ride: It’s a perfect place for a bike ride. There are various cycle rentals around the beach. You can get them at affordable prices and enjoy riding and exploring the unexplored.
  • Food: There are many famous restaurants around the beach, from Chinese to Indian, so you get to taste every kind of food you could think of.
  • Farmers Market: It’s a must-experience thing at least once in a lifetime. You will get to see different kinds of nuts, and fruits produced locally, and various events are conducted in the market.
  • Nightlife: After spending a great day at Santa Monica Beach, don’t go to bed; go out and explore different nightclubs, or just sit at the beach and enjoy the waves sound and just relax.
  1. Cannon Beach, Oregon

This beach has the most beautiful views across the country. You get to see different views every time. You may see a yellow sky in the morning and maybe a red sky at sunset. People must include this beach on their list of the best beaches in America because it deserves it. You will understand our words once you experience them yourself.

Things to do at Cannon Beach, Oregon:

  • Surfing: If you are into extreme adventure, this place is heaven, for you can experience big waves here and enjoy surfing. But the water here is very cold, even in the summer, so you have the option to just watch surfers.
  • Born Fire: This place is mostly known for its views and peaceful vibe. You will not get to experience any loud music or fancy restaurants. You can simply sit with your loved ones and make a bonfire; that’s the best thing you’ll ever experience.
  • Hiking: Adventure lovers’ favorite place for treks. Not only across the USA but around the globe, people come to Oregon to hike. You get to see stunning views, and the weather is also beautiful.
  1. Rockaway Beach, New York

    Apart from tall buildings and Times Square, New York has some of the best beaches in America, out of which Rockaway is the most popular. If you are bored with your daily life and want to experience something exciting, then this is the place for you.

    Things to do at Rockaway Beach:

    1. Surfing: This beach is most known for its surfing. You can see expert surfers doing surfing on big waves, and it feels good seeing them. But you can also do it yourself; you can rent a surfing board and get some surfing lessons.
    2. Restaurants: If you are a seafood lover, this is the place for you, as on the beach many restaurants have been serving for so many years and have great food.
    3. Jet Ski: Water sports at the beach are very popular, and jet skiing is available on the beach at affordable prices along with other water adventure activities.
  2. 1000 Steps Beach, South Laguna

    The last beach on our list of the best beaches in America is 1000 Steps Beach. As we mentioned at the end, that does not mean it’s not that good. This beach is not for everyone, which is why we mentioned it at the end. The beach is not at all crowded, like all other beaches across the USA. If you want peace in life and want to slow down for some time, this is the place.

    Things to do at 1000 Steps Beach:

    • Activities: There are several activities you can do at the beach, like surfing, playing volleyball with other people on the beach, or swimming, as it is not crowded. Or just enjoy food in nearby restaurants.
    • Do Nothing: As we said earlier, this is not crowded, so one can spend some quality time with themselves or their loved ones just to sit nearby the beach and enjoy the sunset.


So this was our list of the best beaches in America we hope you got relevant information you can also check our blog’s cheapest places to visit in America. If you are planning a trip across the USA.

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