How To Get Presents In Terraria Without Christmas

Terraria is a famous sandbox adventure game, launched by Re-logic. The game provides a diverse range of features that make it the 2nd most favorite game in the world. You can find unlimited options in this game. Terraria offers a wide variety of gifts and rewards to customers. And especially on Christmas – a festival of joy, peace, and happiness. Have you lost your opportunity to get a present at this event? Then fear not? In this blog, you will get an idea of How To Get Presents In Terraria Without Christmas. So, let’s begin the adventure!

How To Get Presents In Terraria Without Christmas

Presents are unhandled by the enemy in this game during the Christmas season. These are the grab bags. Presents can be opened at any time, and anywhere. In this game, presents can be achieved by winning various challenges or levels. Presents in Terraria are sought after by players due to their playing method and desirable loot.

Apart from Christmas, presents can be received by other clever means. Such as by NPCs, Tricks, etc. Present always brings excitement and anticipation. Whether in life or the game. It encourages players to complete all the quests and events. In Terraria, presents appear as blue.  After that, they take the shape of different colors.

Different types of presents that can be obtained are described below.

 Type of Gift  Event Content
1. Goodie Bag Obtained during Halloween event Get a random reward. Such as the Creeper set, cat set, ghost set, pumpkin set, etc.
2. Angler Quest Gift Secured  as rewards for completing Angler quests It can only be used at night. As an epitome, Mythril anvil, ectoplasm.
3. Christmas Present Get at during the Christmas event Various items, equipment, resources, etc.
4. Underground Chest Found in chests scattered underground Valuable loot, including presents

Tips For How To Get Presents In Terraria Without Christmas

Underground Chests

It is the easiest way to get gifts in Terraria. For this purpose, the player has to dig the caves, dungeons, and underground cabins. Hence, it is essential to remain focused. So, you can observe a telltale golden glow. The Underground Present Chest contains different varieties.

Underground Chest Gifts – Heart Crystal, Mana Crystal, Cloud in a Bottle, Grappling Hook, Magic Mirror, Band of Regeneration, Hermes Boots, Lava Charm, etc.

Floating Islands

Floating islands contain too many treasures. At every level, you will find different presents. That makes your experience good. Moreover, you will enjoy the games without blinking twice. Be aware of any sky-based enemies. They may pose a  great threat during your expedition.

Floating Island – Lucky Horseshoe, Starfury, Shiny Red Balloon, Skyware Chest Harpy Wings, Sunplate Block, Featherfall Potion, etc.

Goblin Invasions

Goblins invasions are a good option to gain the gifts. In any case except for Christmas. This invasion occurs when the player becomes successful in defeating a certain number of Shadow Orbs or Crimson Hearts. The gift that you will obtain after the goblin invasion can vary. The reason is your performance and versions of the game that you are playing. However, there are some common gifts that you will get from the loot that are discussed ahead.

Goblin Invasion – Goblin Tech, Shadowflame Knife, Shadowflame Hex Doll, Goblin Battle Standard, Harpoon, Goblin War Spear, Rocket Boots, Spiky Balls, etc.

Presents from NPCs

You can receive different gifts from NPCs. But the chances are very low. The gift often depends on the versions and requests of the game. NPCs ask to establish a cozy town or city. As well as building rapport with diverse characters can pave the way to surprises. The gifts that you will receive through NPCs are

Gifts From NPCs – Angler, Painter, Zoologist, Arms Dealer, Stylist, Goblin Tinkerer, Demolitionist, Nurse, Dryad, and Mechanic.

Underground Snow Biome In Terraria

The underground snow biome is a unique feature of Terraria. In this, you will explore different treasures frequently buried under the ice sheets. You have to win all essential quests and events. This level drives you towards unexpected adventures. You will get the below-mentioned freebies.

Underground Snow Biome In Terraria – Ice Skates, Blizzard in a Bottle, Ice Blade, Snowball Cannon, Frostspark Boots, Ice Boomerang, Ice Mirror, Snow Globe, Frost Staff, and of course Ice Chest

Cost Of Terraria

Well, the price or fees you must pay to buy Terraria vary from state to state. And indeed the version of the game matters a lot. You can get this game on your computer or laptop, your Android phone as well as on the iPad or Apple Play store.

The Final Thoughts

I hope that you loved this blog. And from the above-mentioned information, you will get an idea about How To Get a Present In Terraria Without Christmas. In the end, as a player, you don’t have to wait for the festival day to experience the joy of unwrapping presents. Stay connected with us for more information like this!


Can I receive gifts in Terraria outside of the Christmas event?

Of course, you are! You can get presents without having Christmas by using some tricks and different methods.

How can I find surprises in Terraria without Christmas?

You can explore different gifts. From different sources such as – underground chests, floating islands, Goblin Invasions, Angler quests, and from  NPCs.

How can I reach floating islands to find presents?

You have to construct a sky bridge. For this purpose, you can use platforms or utilize grappling hooks.

What kinds of presents can I obtain from Angler Quests?

To be honest, you can get a diverse range of surprises along with unique gifts. You have to complete the quests

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