How To Read Libanomancy Chart?

Have you ever tried to decipher the libanomancy chart? If not then get to know about the ancient technique that helps predict the future. The practitioner uses smoke from burning incense as a divination tool in Livanomancy or libanomancy. This blog will uncover the How To Read Libanomancy Chart that aids in interpreting your past, present, and future in detail.   Let’s begin with the history of libanomancy!

History of Libanomancy

The Libanomic manuals come from the Old Babylonian period. That is roughly dated 2,000-1,600 B.C. It is the most famous technique at that time that is preserved today by the specialist. Apart from this, Libanomancy is quite popular among the Greek and Assyrians Citizens. The technique reached from Mesopotamia to Egypt and spread across Europe.

The term Libanmancy is the mixture of two Greek words, “libanos,” meaning incense, and “manteia,” meaning divination. The aroma of incense released by the smoke of myrrh, frankincense, and sandalwood is believed to be filled with the divine message. This technique gained more popularity in the Renaissance period when the majority of people became obsessed with their future.

What Is a Libanomancy Chart?

Libanomancy charts show the visual consequences of the smoke pattern. These charts are formulated by recording the pattern. As well as different shapes that are noticed when the incense burns. It is essential to understand How to decipher these charts. Due to connecting with your intuition and obtaining insight into your future.

Components of The Libanomancy Chart

The vital elements of the libanomancy chart are – incense, the arrangement of incense cones or sticks, and the symbolic interpretations assigned to different positions. It will help to set the atmosphere for divination. The incense hits the smell, quality, strength, and also decipher ability of the practitioner. Hence, it is important to comprehend its diverse components. Apart from this, the smoke patterns play a key role in all this technique.

Symbols Of The Smoke

The smoke generated by the incense is classified into three categories – gray, white, and black. A well-trained practitioner easily interprets these patterns. Some basic symbols are below mentioned. You can understand your future easily if you have clear knowledge about this. Begin by focusing on obtaining the answer is yes or no. Note down that if the smoke rose then the answer is yes and if it sways right or left or debating between then the answer is no.

  Symbol Meaning
1. Cloud and Clusters Together Success
2. Numbers Amount of days your outcome
3. Infinity Symbol Good fortune or luck
4. Moon, Stars, and Heart shapes Good fortune
5. Broken Smoke or Uneven Strips Conflict or disease.
6.  Spiral Shape Spiritual growth and new beginnings or improvements
7. Lines And Dots Progression toward the goal.

Step-by-Step Guide – How To Read A Libanomancy Chart

To decipher the right information from Libanomancy, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps carefully.

Get Ready For A Libanomancy Reading

Creating the proper environment for accurate Libanomancy reading is a crucial step. For this purpose, find a quiet, well-ventilated space. So, it helps you to concentrate on the smoke pattern without interpretations. Make sure that you utilize high-quality, natural incense to assure a precise and defined smoke trail. Go for the single-colored incense as a beginner to interrupt the smoke.

Lighting the Incense

You cannot decipher the smoke until you light it. You can use the light or matchbox to light and after doing so, leave it for two-three minutes to burn. The whole process aids to generate a steady stream of smoke. Which is perfect for forming discernible shapes. It is vital to remain focused, clear your mind and take a few deep breaths to calm yourself.

Observing And  Analyzing The Smoke

Notice the patterns of smoke. It is important to maintain the focus on smoke thickness, color, and direction in which it is going or moving. Record what you saw and observe the smoke.

Follow Your Intuition

There is no doubt that the practice of Libanomancy is all about your intuition. Although the basic work is just to understand the interpretations of Libanomancy symbols. It gives good outcomes if you trust your intuition and allow your subconscious to guide you. Moreover,  It is important to keep a journal to record the patterns and recurring symbols over time. It enables you to gain in-depth insight into your – past, present as well as future.

Practice and Patience

In the end, all you need is your belief, patience, and practice. As you grow further with this art, you will form a bond with this. It makes your interpretations more accurate and right.

The Final Words

In the end, you see that libanomancy is a mystical and beautiful art. It connects you with different creatures as well as provides you with a glimpse of your future as well as a powerful tool for self-discovery and spiritual growth. However, It is challenging from the beginning but still interesting and you learn with time. I hope you enjoyed this blog and it succeeded in providing adequate knowledge about the How To Read Libanomancy Chart. To get more information like this, stay connected to us!

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