Who has the cheapest car insurance

With increasing accidents on the road, it’s very important to stay secure, as no one knows what’s next. In this blog, we are going to share with you who has the cheapest car insurance in the USA.

Buying car insurance is as important as our health insurance, but it can be very expensive because buying car insurance in the USA is not very affordable. Along with that, there are tons of scams in the insurance industry. People face problems while claiming their insurance plan, so we will not only share who has the cheapest car insurance but also those companies that are best at affordable prices.

Cheapest Car Insurance In the USA

  1. GEICO

We choose to keep GEICO at the top of our list because it is the first choice of most Americans because of its affordable prices and first-class services to its customers.


  • It gives various discounts to its clients.
  • It offers great plans for young drivers and senior citizens.
  • Available all around the country.
  • Affordable for those who got a speeding ticket or were captured driving without insurance.
  • Good customer support services
  • Geico gives customers different add-ons like roadside assistance, a motorized problem, rental automobile reimbursement, and comprehensive and medical coverage insurance.
  • The prices of plans for drivers with DUIs are not good.

Cost and Coverage

The cost of the plan depends on various factors such as age, driving history, credit score, etc. But mainly, GEICO’s yearly cost is for:

Full Coverage: $1,175

Minimum Coverage: $480

  1. Auto-Owners

The second company on our list of those who have the cheapest car insurance is Auto-Owners. This is a well-known company in the major states of America, and its prices are also effective in comparison to other players in the market.


  • They provide their services in only 26 states.
  • It provides affordable plans for those who have caused an accident.
  • It provides the best services to customers, and there are very few complaints about the company.
  • Beneficial plans for good drivers and people who have a speeding ticket.
  • High claim settlement ratio.
  • It provides up to a 14% discount to clients on full payment of the insurance policy.
  • Not pocket-friendly for drivers with DUIs or poor credit scores.

Cost and Coverage

Auto owner’s plans usually start with:

Full Coverage: $1,337 Per Year

Minimum Coverage: $350 Per Year

We have also shared tips on howto buy the best car insurance for you to check out.

  1. Travelers

Travelers are provided with insurance services for long periods, and it is known for its prices and plans.


  • Best plans for those who have poor credit.
  • Costly for senior citizens.
  • It provides multiple discounts to regular clients.
  • It has a good claim settlement ratio and fewer complaints against companies’ plans and policies.
  • Adding a teen driver to the policy is very costly.
  • Expensive drivers who had DUIs.
  • The company provides diverse car insurance plans.

Cost and Coverage

Travelers’ plans start with:

Full Coverage: $1,852

Minimum Coverage: $643

  1. State Farm

We are sure you have seen this name in numerous places, as they provide one of the best car insurance policies in the USA. Their services are very fast, and their plans are also pocket-friendly.


  • They have served for more than 100 years.
  • You are eligible for a discount of up to 23% if you have more than one policy with State Farm.
  • It Provides the best customer support services.
  • Costly for people who have bad credit scores.
  • It does not offer gap insurance.
  • It provides various add-ons and plans to customers.
  • Better prices than other competitors.

Cost and Coverage

State farm plans start at:

Full Coverage: $1200

Minimum Coverage: $492


So this was our blog on who has the cheapest car insurance, and we hope you got the information you were looking for. There are many other interesting blogs on insurance on our website.


  1. How cheap is car insurance in America?

The cost of insurance depends on numerous factors like age, driving history, credit score, etc. But it mainly starts at $1,337 per year for full coverage and $350 per year for minimum coverage.

  1. How much is monthly car insurance in USA?

There is no upper limit to how much you can pay monthly for car insurance, but it starts at $30 and goes up to $129.

  1. What is the lowest form of car insurance?

The most affordable insurance plan is a third-party insurance plan, which pays for damages to a third party.

  1. Do Americans need car insurance?

Yes, Americans need active car insurance in 49 states. If they do not have car insurance, it can lead to a fine or license suspension.

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